Easily build a mobile-optimized business listing that gets found on Google.

Drive Traffic to Your Business

It’s important to get on the first page of Google search results. Doing so leads to more traffic, and more traffic leads to more sales. But, faced with complicated search algorithms, it’s tough to get there.

My Listing is an information-rich business listing that helps your business get found. With a mobile-optimized design and well-written code (structured data markup), we’ve built these listings to get you found in local searches and drive traffic to your business.


What Is A Business Listing?

A business listing is an online profile that contains information about your business (like the Yellow Pages). Consumers can discover these profiles on sites like Google and Facebook, and then use them to learn more about your business.


Optimized For Local Search


Search engines like Google use complex algorithms to find and organize their data. We’ve built My Listing in a way that follows the high standards outlined by Google. That way, your business listing is much more likely to get found in local searches.





Designed For Mobile Devices


Consumers search for local businesses more often on mobile than on desktop. As such, search engines heavily favor mobile-optimized sites.

Integrated With Our Other Products

My Listing is seamlessly integrated with other products within our product suite. This integration gives you more control over your online reputation.


Reputation Management: Request, collect and respond to customer reviews. Customer reviews will help you build trust and credibility, and improve the chances consumers choose you over your competition.


Social Marketing: Efficiently share your coupons with existing customers and potential leads through your social media pages.




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