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Billboard Advertising is now affordable for all businesses!

July 9, 2019


Ad Local Billboard Advertising Now Affordable for all! 8-sec display duration by the minute marketing. Advertising that fits any budget. Contact an Ad Local rep today and be on a billboard in no time flat advertising your business or message for dollars a day. We perform all aspects of design and placement for you. You decide when you want to advertise and when. At Ad Local we take pride in providing the best of class services to all businesses. Here are a breakdown of Ad Local Billboard Services. 


- ASAP Campaign 

- Set an amount to spend daily..

- Expand your message locally or on a national level.

- Choose Max Audience

- Choose 5 types of daily scheduling 

   Daily Commute 7am to 9am

   Meal Times (7am-9am) (12pm-1pm) (5pm-7pm)

   Single Hour

   Off Peak Hours

   Custom Schedule


- Choose max cost per ad $0.10 $0.30 $0.70

- Ad Local resizes your ads for the boards you choose. If Ad Local can't resize your ad, it notifies you of additional sizes you need to upload.

- Custom ad design is available 


What Are you waiting for start your ad campaign today! Email:








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