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How Small Businesses Can Use Beacon Marketing

March 15, 2018


Today, your customers all use smartphones. From the very old to the very young, technology has become easier to learn, and so has connecting with your customers in real-time. A Bluetooth signal delivered in your store's proximity can alert nearby smartphones and tablets that have Bluetooth switched on with an ad message, like a coupon offer.

The proximity can stretch to an entire store or just a particular shelf in your store. Surprising and delighting your local customers in real-time will still needs some planning. With Beacon Marketing small business owners can communicate with people in a physical location. Be it a retail shop, restaurant, or special event space, you can utilize this technology to make a real-time impression.

Think of a Beacon as a text message personalized for only interested customers. These messages are displayed to the wireless device of the customer through broadcasting radio signals on a constant basis. However, there’s no need to worry about bombarding your customers with multiple messages. The technology knows which devices have already gotten a message at least once. You may have a coupon to let shoppers know about, a new menu item at your restaurant, or a special greeting to remind customers about a future event.

At Ad Local, our team goes over the entire planning and installation process so you too can benefit from a Proximity Marketing campaign. We make it easy to set up quick deal campaigns for your store. This is one of the easiest and innovative ways to connect with new customers visiting your physical location.

When setting out to try to new ways to reach your customer in this noisy economy, remember that you need to plan ahead. There’s no need to spend more money than you have to on Beacon devices or the technology around it. These devices are small, battery-powered, and simple to handle. They are always-on and use a Bluetooth technology to transmit signals. That's all there is to them. Our Beacon devices can reach a range from 7 to 700 feet.

In 2018, location still matters and it’s time for you to leverage your location with the right tech gear. You can grow your business, and increase repeat business, by using proximity marketing tactics. With Ad Local Beacon, you can engage customers with clever push notifications about deals, specials, events, product information and more. Contact us to get started.


Ad Local, LLC is a boutique marketing firm proudly located in the start-up hub of Pontiac, Michigan. Our team can work on everything from beginning to end and everything in between. We offer on-demand, and affordable, digital marketing services for small to mid-sized businesses. We specialize in website design and development, interactive marketing, social media marketing, and demand generation consulting. Also, we service our clients with promotional advertising, commercial printing, indoor and outdoor signage, and direct mail marketing. For more information please email us at



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