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Online Video Marketing For Small Business Owners

April 11, 2018


Hello there! I know you are very busy so I’ll get right to it: It’s never been easier to make a video to show off your business. I encourage you to connect with your potential customers by allowing them to see videos of your business online.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, “Oh great, another thing for me to do.” So just so you know, the Ad Local approach to online video marketing is easy, fast, and affordable.

It’s easy for us because we do it all the time, which means we perfected our process, and we know how not to waste any money and still get the job done.

In 2018, chances are you already do a lot of online marketing, especially if you’re a local business. Not only are you trying to rank organically, but you’re trying to get good reviews across local listings, respond to new leads online, and manage and tweak your ads on Facebook to attract new customers. At Ad Local we get how you're feeling as a small business owner, but more importantly, we know what you need to do to inspire new business growth. 


Ad Local works with over 75 small businesses statewide. 



I wouldn’t suggest you stop anything you’re currently doing. Instead, go ahead and keep everything exactly the same and avoid any price increases. However, there’s a couple of benefits to having some video work done to showcase your business online. That’s why I wrote this blog; I really think video marketing could be beneficial for your business. 


As mentioned, the Ad Local approach to online video marketing is easy, fast, and affordable.

Online video marketing can all be done from your smartphone. Whether it’s an Android or iPhone, you now have a high-quality device to record HD videos. Our clients send us video clips from inside their store that they recorded on their smartphone all the time. We record videos for our clients and we have a drone guy for those cool swooping aerial shots. Here's the point, in any which way you choose to record videos, it doesn’t have to cost you more than the smartphone in your hand. 


Ad Local's creative team uses these videos to help show off your business's location, events, and or new products. We can even add a call-to-action to them. Videos can also be re-purposed in multiple ways, like for a blog post. For a blog post, all you need to do is transcribe what the spoken message is in the video and wallah!

We would post multiple times each and every week and also boost some of these video posts to help build more followers and further engage in and around your community. Ad Local can post on both Facebook and Twitter for you, plus Google My Business.  These posts can be helpful tips, fun facts, holiday based, or special offers. We target areas that would make sense for you and also target the demographics that would make sense.


We know people today are very visual. Which means they like to be engaged and watch videos and clips that help them to learn more when doing their research about a local business. 


Think about it like this, if you are a small business owner, you have to make sure you can gain the trust of your customer as you are entering their home and doing work to provide them comfort inside their home. Videos can help you connect with new potential customers because they are able to get a sense of who you are as a company and why they should do business with you rather than someone else.


Ad Local produces videos so you can share them across all your social media, websites, & YouTube Channels.



Even though our digital agency is headquartered in downtown Pontiac, we work with business owners across the state; even as far as Petoskey. We assist our clients with managing their current marketing tasks while finding new ways for them allocate their budget for the best ROI. And we believe that if continually market your business online and get in front of people who may need your services you can bypass your competition.


Interested in finding out more about our video marketing services? Want to learn how to fly a drone? We would love to get the chance to meet with you and provide you with more details. Email us at Thank you!



Ad Local, LLC is a boutique marketing firm proudly located in the start-up hub of Pontiac, Michigan. Our team can work on everything from beginning to end and everything in between. We offer on-demand, and affordable, digital marketing services for small to mid-sized businesses. We specialize in website design and development, interactive marketing, social media marketing, and demand generation consulting. Also, we service our clients with promotional advertising, commercial printing, indoor and outdoor signage, and direct mail marketing. For more information please email us at


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